At AT Solutions UK we specialise in providing Tested & Working appliances to meet our customers needs. We supply a range of Brand New, Manufacturer Graded (M-Grade, or Range 4/5) and Graded appliances. Below is a breakdown of our different grades and what they mean.

All of our Graded appliances are ’28-day returns’, meaning they have not been used for more than 28-days by a customer* 

All Graded appliances are tested and in full working order. 


A-Grade appliances are in near perfect condition and may even come with all the original paperwork inside. These appliances are basically brand new other than the fact the packaging it came in may be slightly damaged or the appliance itself may have a small amount of cosmetic damage to the back or side of the appliance. 

A-Grade appliances come with up to 12-months guarantee with AT Solutions UK.


B-Grade appliances are still in very good condition, but may have slight signs of usage, or some slight cosmetic damage to the front, side or back of the appliance. 

B-Grade appliances come with up to 6-months guarantee with AT Solutions UK.


C-Grade appliances will have more cosmetic damage to the front, back or side, in comparison to A / B grades. These appliances can also show signs of slight usage. 

C-Grade appliances come with up to 3-months guarantee with AT Solutions UK.

Manufacturer Graded 

AT Solutions UK offers a range of manufacturer graded appliances. Generally these items are returned from the retailer and may have never been delivered to a customer. The appliance may have very slight cosmetic damage to the front, back, or side. Once reworked and retested these appliances all come with full manufacturer’s guarantee(functional parts and labour). We currently stock the following Manufacturer Grades:

M-Grade: Hotpoint/Indesit appliances, straight from the supplier. M-Grade are sold with full 12-month guarantee.

Range 4 / 5: Hoover/Candy appliances straight from the supplier. Range 4 are sold with full 12-month guarantee and Range 5 with full 6-month guarantee.

Untested / Raw Returns

Untested / Raw Returns are classed as 28 day returns straight from the manufacturer. This stock is sold as it comes and may come with physical damage or slight usage. These appliances have NOT been tested and come with NO Guarantee.


*Some of the cookers AT Solutions UK stock are classed as ‘Salvage’. This means they have been used for more than 28-days, which will be reflected in the price.

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