Graded appliance Guarantee:

Here at ATsolutionsUK all of our Graded appliances are fully functionally tested by engineers with over 30 years experience in domestic Appliance repairs and engineering. All appliances tested come with a 3, 6 or 12 month Guarantee which have been coded up and entered onto our database. The guarantee starts from when the invoice is written up and the appliance has left the warehouse. All appliances come with a 3 month standard guarantee, however the option to extend this to 6 or 12 months is available for a small extra cost.

We recommend all appliances sold to traders are re-tested before selling on to any third party/end user.

All Testing and installing must be done by a qualified & certified engineer.

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If you experience a problem with your item within the first 3, 6 or 12 months of the purchase (depending on the Guarantee deal) we will offer a repair, if not repairable we will offer an exchange for a like for like item. All returned items will be fully tested and inspected for any signs of misuse, Items identified as such will be returned to the customer in its current state and will not be exchanged or refunded. We do not offer a Cash Refund policy, all goods will be replaced on a base to base basis, this means the item will need to be brought back to ATsolutionsUK, tested and inspected then either repaired or replaced.

ATsolutionsUK accepts No responsibility or liability for any electrical or Plumbing instillation faults which may occur. All items are ‘sold as is, sold as seen’ therefore we accept no responsibility for any appliance sold by us once it has left ATsolutionsUK.

M-Grade/Range 4 & 5 appliance Guarantee:

All M-Grade Appliances are fully functionally and safety tested by the manufacturer and are sold with a IMG_7588full 12 months functional parts and labour MANUFACTURERS warranty, which is supported by the Hotpoint Service organisation. This Guarantee is activated by the end user and will be resolved by the manufacturer.

All Range 5 Appliances are fully functionally and safety tested by the Manufacturer and are sold with a full 6 months functional parts and labour MANUFACTURERS warranty. Range 4 is the same as Range 5 however the warranty is extended to 12 months. The Range 4 & 5 Guarantee is activated by the end user and any faults or problems will be resolved by the manufacturers engineering team.

If you have any issues or queries dealing with the manufacturer’s warranty we are happy to assist.

Untested Appliances:

All untested appliances are sold as seen, there is no guarantee with these items as they have not been Tested. Raw Untested return stock this is stock that is 14 – 28 day returns straight from the manufacture this stock is not sieved through and is sold as it comes.

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